Sunday Memories

This recording was made to preserve the special music memories the Miller brothers made with friend Eli Raber. Eli had moved his family from Oregon to live in Ohio, for a brief two years. During this time, it was Eli’s prodding and love of “bluegrass” that breathed life into the music that was to follow.

Individual Songs

1. Jesus is the Key Download

2. Over in the Glory Land Download

3. I Wish I Knew Download

4. Hand in Hand Download

5. Pray the Clouds Away Download

6. Prayer Bells of Heaven Download

7. Truth on the Mountain Download

8. Calvarys Hill Download

9. You”re My Brother Download

10. I”ll Wear the Banner Download

11. Way Down Deep Download

12. The Lord”s Prayer Download

  • September 1985
  • First official album
  • only album with Eli Raber
  • Most "bluegrass" album